Men and Machines:
Klubb Tarkovsky meets Mixmaster Luguber and Khmoor!

Concert night, saturday, finishes up by presenting music from the conjunction point between the mechanical and the organic. Rock and electronic music has a common history, and you can dance while you discover it!

Klubb Tarkovsky is about music, film, party and fun; for people with open minds and machines that can’t quite be controlled. Klubb Tarkovsky aims to enlighten and entertain, with its escapades within rock, new wave, electropunk, pop, dub, avantgarde music and Nordic protest folk-songs.

Mixmaster Luguber enters the context somewhere between traditional popular music, techno and new dance music. Luguber is a master of mixing, the flow is kept steadily through both hip hop, funk, acid house, old school techno and rock – although crossing genres; ultra danceable!

The evening finishes off by Khmoor, video artist extraordinaire, with a one-of-a-kind visual show.

BLÆST, Saturday 14.10 at 23.00. Free entrance.