With the background of Trondheim being a national technology centre, TEKS prioritizes to develop and strengthen the contact with and between artists, artist communities, institutions and other interesting milieus within the field. Artistic projects are developed and realized by focusing on interdisciplinary collaborations with relevant educational and research based institutions. The annual festival Trondheim Matchmaking is our main tool in this work.

Trondheim Matchmaking of 2006 is carried out in cooperation with Nordic Music Technology Conference.


An important goal for this conference is to establish a meeting point for representatives of educational institutions, artists, researchers, students and others, showing the range of music technology activity in the Nordic countries.

Trondheim Matchmaking and NoMuTe have a number of common targets for their events. Both creating and performing artists are using technology as a creative tool, and a common goal is to keep developing new competence and nsight in the conjunction between art and new technology.
Trough exchanging resources and competence, the different milieus strengthen eachother. A diverse milieu for artistic activity, within as well visual as performing arts, opens the possibilities for a valuable interaction between the fields of arts.

Another important cooperating partner for this year’s Matchmaking is IDI -Department of Computer and Information Science, at NTNU -The Norwegian University of Science and Technology. On the field of research IDI is one of TEKS’ close cooperating partners through the year, and for Trondheim Matchmaking 06 IDI’s professor Letizia Jaccheri invited Dr. Anna Notaro to Trondheim, for doing a workshop at the university, as well as giving a lecture at Trondheim Matchmaking.

This year’s festival opens Thursday the 12th of October in the afternoon, with lectures and a concert. In the morning, Friday, NoMuTe is in charge of the lectures, while TMM kicks in at lunch, 12.00. The afternoon lecture program of Friday is joint for NoMuTe and TMM. At 18.30 the festival exhibition opens at Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art. Saturday morning NoMuTe and TMM run parallel programs till 11.00, the rest of the day is joint. Saturday evening is the big concert night with a blend of artist, presented in cooperation with New Music, Trondheim and Cinemateket, while Sunday night invites for a premiere concert with ‘Heart Chamber Orchestra’.