Friday Oct. 13th

08.30 Welcome!

08.40 Analysing recorded music - problems and recent research
Leif Jonsson, NTNU, Norway

09.00 Composer decomposed - a discussion of John Cage’s “Variations V”
Guro Rønningsgrind, NTNU, Norway

09.20 About the projects “Klangsamler” and ”Kringkaster” and the music of Edvard Grieg
Jørgen Larsson, Grieg Academy, Norway

09.40 BREAK

09.50 Towards physics-based control and sound synthesis of multi-agent systems: Application to synthetic hand clapping
Vesa Välimäki, Helsinki University of Technology

10.10 Multi-touch soundlines - A multi-touch table for manipulating sound samples
Jon-Olav Eikenes and Marie Wennesland, University of Oslo, Norway

10.30 Table projected music-software with physical interaction
Henrik Marstrander, University of Oslo, Norway

10.50 MINI-CONCERT “Bewegung in Silber”, for video and four-channel sound
Claudia Robles

11.00 BREAK

11.20 How interactive are interactive installations? How musical are musical interfaces?
Kjetil F. Hansen, KTH, Sweden

11.40 Sound and Art-Installations “CLOSE YOUR EARS?”
Tor Halmrast, University of Oslo, Norway

12.00 LUNCH

13.00 Maskin/ Prosess
Gabor Papp, Ungarn

13.20 Electronic Life Forms -ELF-
Pascal Glissman and Martina Höfflin, Germany

13.50 BREAK

14.00 Unpredictable mechanical devices
Norman T. White, Canada

14.30 Boutique Vizique
Stijn Schiffeleers and Hendrik Leper, Belgium

15.00 MINI-CONCERT“A sudden change in the consistensy of snow” -fixed media version
Peter Swendsen, University of Virginia, USA

15.10 BREAK

15.30 Creative machines, art machines
Sabrina Raaf, USA

16.00 Systemes of movement
Arthur Ganson, USA

16.30 Novel interfaces for controlling sound effects and physical models
Stefania Serafin, Aalborg University, Denmark

16.50 END


18.30 Opening of exhibition “Maskin”