TEKS has in line with its tradition invited international capacities, researchers, composers, musicians and artists for this years Matchmaking. The participants present different projects in the field of new technologies and electronic arts, and together with NoMuTe, this year’s festival presents 32 lecturers, from 13 countries. This year the lectures are given at ‘Dokkhuset’, through the day of Friday 13th and Saturday 14th of October. On the list of speakers are amongst others Philippe Depalle, Paul Lansky, Anna Notaro, Ken Rinaldo and Stelarc. We plan on the program to be dense, informative, engaging and inspiring; offering new impulses, in diverse directions.

Saturday morning, NoMuTe has got its own program in the ‘Kammersal’ of ‘Olavshallen’, parallel with the programme at Dokkhuset.