Trondheim Matchmaking 2006 proudly presents:
Arthur Ganson, USA / Gabor Papp, Hungary / Hendrik Leper, Belgium / Ken Rinaldo, USA / Martina Höfflin, Germany / Norman T. White, Canada / Pascal Glissman, Germany / Peter William Holden, Germany/ Sabrina Raaf, USA / Stijn Schiffeleers, USA /

Exhibition, Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art,
13th October – 12th November
Opening: Friday 13 October at 6.30PM. WELCOME!

’M A S K I N’ [machine]

’MASKIN’ is an exhibition of art works that to a variable degree are machine-like in their nature. The exhibited works use mechanics, electronics and computer science; mechatronics, for production and presentation.

The works are to a great extent autonomous objects. By creating various forms of “artificial” life, the artists question traditional understanding of universal connections.

Some of the sculptures in the exhibition are purely mechanical installations. Kinetic principles are used to convey poetic thoughtfulness. The machine itself becomes a transcendental metaproject. Naked machine, bare thoughts.

While some of the works are communicatively pro active, others are far more subtle in their attempt to catch your attention. The works span from mechanical life forms with artificial intelligence to kinetic hardcore.
Some of them openly show their feelings, others are somewhat shy, and one just wants to entertain you!

The exhibiting artists work within a wide range of ideas and designs. The works have in common partly the communicative and mobile methods they use, as well as the serious, investigative approach to visual problems, that all art depends on in order to achieve quality.

The relationship between man and machine includes existential problems with a potential we hardly see the extent of today. ‘MASKIN’ wants to provide some insight into how certain artists are inspired by the challenges generated by this relationship.

Several of the artists have shaped this field for a long time, and TEKS is very proud to have the opportunity to present these artists, all of whom exhibit in Norway for the first time.
This year’s exhibition is since 2004 the third Trondheim Matchmaking festival show at the Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art.

Espen Gangvik
Curator /
project administrator TEKS