Trondheim Matchmaking 06 is held in Trondheim’s sparkling new concert hall, ‘Dokkhuset’ (The Dock House).

Dokkhuset was originally used for pumping water in and out of the canal at ‘Nedre Elvehavn’. At the end of the 80’s, a decision was made to use the building for community serving purposes, and at the 26th of September 2006, during Trondheim Chamber Music Festival, the new concert hall finally opens.

Dokkhuset anno 2006 consists partly of refurbished areas, partly of new extensions. A concert hall with a capacity of more than 400 people is situated on the ground floor, and on the first floor there are rehearsal rooms and offices. A restaurant is placed on the riverside, with a view to the boat life of Nidelven. and between the rehearsal rooms and the first floor of the restaurant, there is also a roof terrace.

Through Dokkhuset, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology ,NTNU, aims to focus on the creating and performing arts as a part of their emphasize range. The faculty of architecture and visual arts will be using Dokkhuset for exhibitions of exam works as well as for lectures and conferences, while the department of music will use the rehearsal rooms, and give concerts there. While NTNU is rent taker of the new concert hall, the house is run by Dokkhuset Scene AS; a cooperation between Trondheim Chamber Music Festival, TrondheimSolistene, Trondheim Jazzforum and Midtnorsk Jazzsenter. All of these parties have offices and give concerts in the building.

Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art

The exhibition of the festival is shown at the artist-run gallery and istitution TSSK - Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art.

TEKS administers the computer network of the place, and TSSK returns the favour by letting TEKS show the annual festival exhibition of Trondheim Matchmaking on the premises of the gallery.

The gallery is situated in the city-centre of Trondheim.