NATURE [of man]

Nature can be defined as the physical world containing all natural phenomenas and living things, including the forces and mechanisms that collectively controls and run these processes independently of human volition or intervention. Mankind has tried to master and refine these mechanisms from its very beginning.

“NATURE [of man]” presents artists and researchers with projects that takes a deeper look into man´s relation to nature, and the consequences and possibilities that lies therein.

Trondheim Matchmaking is an annual international festival for electronic arts and new technology arranged for the 7th time by the non-profit organization Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre.

The festival is a meeting point for presenting innovative ideas and artistic projects, a place to share knowledge, make contacts and learn new skills and develop resources within new technology and electronic arts. New art projects with a need for technology – new technologies with a need for substance: a place to bind together resources and competence within the field.

Espen Gangvik
project leader and curator,