Antony Hall


“ENKI allows electric fish and humans to commune on the same level - that of electrical fields and brain waves - avoiding the use of language as such; instead stimulating a shared empathy through and actual physical connection. Using the bioelectric communication signals from live Electric Fish to control an immersive sensory environment for humans - through which the human can communicate back to the fish. Electro-active fish are in a continual state of electro reception & have high intelligence, memory, and learning ability.


Historically there is a deep connection with electric fish and medical ‘healing’ technologies. The project makes reference to the status of these electric fish and the ethics of their use as neurological research tools; As research specimens, they become sacrificial to the greater purpose of furthering human knowledge. The project more generally could be seen as a reference to the ‘babel-fish’ (Hitch Hikers Guide’) and through this to the Tower of Babel (thrust for knowledge, conflicts of language and interoperation).


My deeper motivation for this project, relates to my long-term interest in aquariums both public and private. A typical tropical aquarium is a multi cultural space - consisting of farmed and wild caught species. Aquariums are installed as calming objects, though on closer inspection the contained environment is one of both aggressive conflict, tolerance and submission. The skill of the aquarium keeper is to create harmony among fish - and through this; craft an impossible window into an otherwise wild world by creating a controlled illusion of it.”



Believe Your Ears - ‘Call it astonishing. Unbelievable. Impossible, even. Then pick it up and hold it in your hand. Take in the brilliant splinter-less wooden display. Run your thumb around the rose wood wheel. Your ears begin to perk up. That’s when everything becomes clear: It’s an iLog.’

Though forest use has always been the hallmark of the Owl Project, we believe in constantly moving perfection forward.

Hand crafted from select pieces of found and surgically removed timber and finished in teak oil; every iLog is utterly unique. We think you will agree there is nothing like a the feel of real ‘tree grown’ timber.

These special editions come with a iLog power base and display stand, all made from the same piece of wood as your iLog.