Roman Kirschner

Hot or not - looking for the impossible image

We are all being heavily bombed with pictures and stories about climatic changes, empty oceans or deglaciation. We all seem to experience together the big adventure of interpreting the world. But this creature is far too big and complex for the human perception. What kind of imaginations does that create in us? Can we feel the climatic change?


Roman Kirschners current artistic research aims towards animation in a more general sense: imbueing matter with a soul and looking for a integral combination of moving image, sculpture and sound.
In his presentation he will not only try to give a short introduction to his recent works but also show some ideas and projects which are still in progress.


Roman Kirschner

Born 1975 in Vienna, Austria
93-98 studies at the University of VIenna: philosophy, art history
99-04 studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany
01-04 cofounder and member of the artist collective „fur“.
05 research artist at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne
lives and works in Cologne and Vienna

His work has been shown internationally and won prices in Germany and Japan.