Ben Hibon

Film screening:
“CODEHUNTER”, Ben Hibon, Statelessfilms, 8 min; 2006.


The port city of Lhek is on the brink of collapse. A Pacific Rim state in a not too distant Asian future with no borders, no meaningful government and little law and order.

Corruption and crime are out of control in the dark alleys of Eda, Lhek’s slum district. Most sectors of the city are controlled by the army of dictator Khaan. The most underprivileged parts of the city are infested with dark Demons, ferocious creatures that spread fear and death amongst the city’s inhabitants. Rumor has it that the Demons are controlled by Khaan in order to keep his people in check.


Since Khaan came into power his supremacy had been challenged by a single dissenter, a man named Krai. This man was a renowned “Coder”; one of the last survivors of a supreme race possessing the ability to manipulate DNA, the code of life. Krai was the only person with the power to challenge Khaan’s rule of terror. As his wrath turned against Khaan, Krai became the people’s hero, a symbol of rebellion and freedom.

For seven decades, the ruler hunted him down ferociously. Krai was finally captured and executed, his body cut into seven parts. Ever since, stories have spread that his remains resisted cremation and that Khaan was forced to keep them hidden. The seven remains were to be scattered across Asia never to be re-assembled .


Shen, Lawan, Zom and Nhi are the Codehunters. They are said to be the only ones who have the ability to see and destroy the Dark Code which controls the Demons once they materialize. Only the Hunters with their special abilities have the power to challenge Khaan and Niran in their reign of terror. But without the help of Krai, the source of the Dark Code cannot be destroyed…



breakcore / hardcore / grindcore hybrid.
amen blast beats, guitar soundwalls, screaming, cohesive structure, electronic tension and release.

Aaron Spectre started out playing drums in central Massachusetts hardcore bands at age 16. At 19 he moved to New York City and began DJing and producing Jungle, Drum & Bass, and Ambient music. He moved to Berlin at 23, released several sold-out vinyl 12″s, and began touring on the strength of his live sets. Aaron started Drumcorps at 24,
adding live guitar to his sets, as always bringing raw energy and enthusiasm from his hardcore days. He’s since maintained a ferocious tour schedule throughout Europe, North America, and Japan, building a solid fanbase the hard way.
Aaron’s recent Drumcorps album Grist won an award of distinction at Austria’s Prix Ars Electronica, a yearly prize whose past winners include Aphex Twin, Chris Cunningham, Peter Gabriel, Sunn ((O))), Plastikman, and Gescom. Aaron’s new melodic album Lost Tracks just released on Germany’s Ad Noiseam.


“this one scared me within an inch of my life…” - Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC Radio 1

“like Dillinger Escape Plan with Venetian Snares on drums… fucking amazing” Aquarius Records

“modern grindcore / metal filtered through electronic music… a hugely entertaining and intense record that fuses the two genres” - Rock a Rolla Magazine UK

Selected Performances

•Glade Festival (UK) w/ Autechre, Clark, Tim Exile, Luke Vibert
•Sonic Acts (Netherlands) w/ The Bug, Hrvatski, DJ /Rupture, Drop The Lime, Vex’d
•Club Transmediale (Germany) w/ Orthrelm, Otto von Schirach
•Milk (Japan) w/ Melt-Banana, Jason Forrest
•& various others w/ Venetian Snares, Soundmurderer, Enduser, Remarc
Current Releases
•Drumcorps - “Grist” - ADN79/VROCK010 12″ EP - Ad Noiseam / CRD (Germany)
•Drumcorps - “Grist” - ADN70/CROCK013 CD - Ad Noiseam / CRD / Cargo (Germany/UK)
•Drumcorps - “Live and Regret” - VROCK008 12″ - Cock Rock Disco / Cargo (Germany/UK)
•Drumcorps - “Rmx or Die” - KRISS02 10″ - Kriss (Netherlands)
•Aaron Spectre - “Evil Most Foul” - D$R12 12″ - Death$ucker (UK)
•Aaron Spectre - “Amen, Punk” - OMEKO06 12″ - Electro-Violence (Japan)
•DJ C + Aaron Spectre - “Conscience a Heng Dem feat. Capleton” - MASHIT001 12″ - Mashit (USA)
•w/ Math Head, Drop The Lime - “Bonafidekilla (Aaron Spectre mix)” - RED002 CD & 12″


Ivar Smedstad


Ivar Smedstad er instituttleder og førsteamanuensis ved Kunstakademiet i Trondheim. Hans kunstnerskap er orientert om film og videokunst. Han er delvis bosatt i Berlin, og har deltat på en rekke film- og videofestivaler.
Centuryfuge er en rytmisk videocollage med sterkt blikk på menneskelig teknologisk aktivitet i landskap.


Trondheim Matchmaking proudly present


Fakesch, former Funkstoring, among others known for there remixes for Björk, Wu-Tang Clan, Jean-Michel Jarre, Lamb, Nils Petter Molvær, Speedy J, etc., has just released a new album; “DOS” on K7 records.

Prince meets Curtis Mayfield; be prepared for a funky set with Sweezees smooth falsetto and a whole slew of blips, crunches and digital gurgles from Fakesch!

Nordic Sound Art

Nordic Sound Art


The Joint Study Programme in Sound Art (MFA level) is a Nordic cooperation established within the KUNO network The study programme is a cooperation between the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Malmö Art Academy, Oslo National College of the Arts and Trondheim Academy of Fine Art.

The ambition is to create a study programme that will provide the student with the necessary knowledge and professional competence to create and analyse sound art. Further it is the aim of the program to enable the student critically and indenpendently to make use of the sonic dimension in the visual arts.

In relation to Trondheim Matchmaking, the students will present the result of a two weeks long workshop at the festival. The workshop is being led by Ivar Smedstad, Rune Søchting and Per Platou.

Dodda Maggý
Espen Lomsdalen
Linn Halvorsrød
Marie Muller
Mette Sand Hersoug
Morten Skrøder Lund
Nanna Hellberg
Nestori Syrjälä
Tisha Noor Mukarji


The Owlproject

Antony Hall, Steve Symons, Simon Blackmore


The all-new Log1k® is here. And it’s unlike anything you’ve seen or experienced. With a brilliant flat-panel display and phenomenal performance, Log1k® is the first computer built from the ground up to be the ultimate hub for the owl project lifestyle. Its time to log on…

The Log1k® was designed and constructed by the Owl Project. They have been using the Log1k® to perform their own brand of electronica, which combines electro-magnetic fields and signals to produce complex beats and ambient sound.

‘ Down-to-earth ease of use. Out-of-this-world performance and looks. Log1k® is great in the home or the forest. ‘

The log1k was originally designed and constructed as a complete alternative to using laptops during live audio performances. However as time has moved by so has the need for compatibility and perfect speed control.

At the heart of each log1k lies a micro controlled step motor. This allows many log1ks to run in sync with each other, as well as other software packages and Owl Projects own Soundlathe. log1k also comes fitted with a series of micro and reed switches which trigger samples and control audio circuits.

Now running interchangable solid oak, beech and cherry disks, the sounds produced are generated by the natural rhythms of these forms. Down-to-earth ease of use. Out-of-this-world performance and looks. log1k is great for the home or the forest.

pin-studio-thm.jpg pict0026.jpg pict0002.jpg