Besides having machine as a theme, this year’s Matchmaking, through the cooperation with NoMuTe, (Nordic Music Technology Conference), has a focus on music technology and electronic music. In addition to a big concert being given saturday nigh, the festival both opens and ends with concerts.
In the lecture-part of the program, several mini-concerts are also presented.

Composer and computer music pioneer Paul Lansky (Princeton University/ USA) is of the big names of the musical part of the fetival, and opening night, he plays his own surround works. Another part to look forward to this evening, is Frank Ekeberg; Norway’s first doctor on surround music, playing his own music.

The concert night Saturday, starts off by the arts academy of Trondheim presenting the Poland 2006-project Crawling Craters. The project is a cooperation between arts academy students from Trondheim and Polish video artists.

Saturday’s concert night continues with a triple concert of great span.
French Pierre Bastien expresses himself musically with the help of self-made Meccano-machines, run by motors from old record players. In rhythmic cacophony the constructions play all kinds of instruments at one and the same time. While the musical machines are filmed and shown in large scale on the wall, Bastien himself accompanies it all on trombone, violin or musical saw.
The second part of the triple concert consists of the recognized Trondheim musicians Øyvind Brandtsegg and Stian Westerhus. The two of them perform together for the first time during this year’s Matchmaking, and give promises of improvised electronical music with a high energy level. Pekka Stokke on visuals.
Finall post of the concert program is Norwegian percussionist Ingar Zach. Zach uses untraditional tools to produce sound from his instruments, and amongst others leaves small electronic fans to move freely around on drum skins. Improvisation and exploration of sound is important for Zach, and the result is a sound scape reminiscent of the one of electronic music. Old silent films accompany Zach’s concert.

As a prolongation of the concert night, Klubb Tarkovsky and Mixmaster Luguber invites the audience over to BLÆST, where the Matchmaking continues into the early morning.

The grand finale of this years Matchmaking is HCO –Heart Chamber Orchestra; an audiovisual concert and performance with the artist duo Terminalbeach and the Trondheim Sinfonietta. Equipped with heart-beat sensors, 12 classical musicians send signals to a custom made computer program for composing and visualization. In turn this program generates the score the musicians play. The emerging music develops dynamically through the concert, resulting in a piece that can never be repeated.
The project was initiated and produced by TEKS -Trondheim Electronical Arts Centre, and has it’s world premiere at Trondheim Matchmaking 2006.