The Owlproject

Antony Hall, Steve Symons, Simon Blackmore


The all-new Log1k® is here. And it’s unlike anything you’ve seen or experienced. With a brilliant flat-panel display and phenomenal performance, Log1k® is the first computer built from the ground up to be the ultimate hub for the owl project lifestyle. Its time to log on…

The Log1k® was designed and constructed by the Owl Project. They have been using the Log1k® to perform their own brand of electronica, which combines electro-magnetic fields and signals to produce complex beats and ambient sound.

‘ Down-to-earth ease of use. Out-of-this-world performance and looks. Log1k® is great in the home or the forest. ‘

The log1k was originally designed and constructed as a complete alternative to using laptops during live audio performances. However as time has moved by so has the need for compatibility and perfect speed control.

At the heart of each log1k lies a micro controlled step motor. This allows many log1ks to run in sync with each other, as well as other software packages and Owl Projects own Soundlathe. log1k also comes fitted with a series of micro and reed switches which trigger samples and control audio circuits.

Now running interchangable solid oak, beech and cherry disks, the sounds produced are generated by the natural rhythms of these forms. Down-to-earth ease of use. Out-of-this-world performance and looks. log1k is great for the home or the forest.

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